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3130 fotball game-K16PR-U11 Nickel Spark Plug Specification Cross Reference K16PR-U11 41608 41611 41627 41800 FR1LS FR3CLS 3924 176-5222 0001325705 14F8DU

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3130 fotball game-K16PR-U11 Nickel Spark Plug


Thread Size: M14*1.25

Reach: 19mm

Hex Size: 16mm

Resistor: Yes

Center Electrode Material: Nickel

Ground Electrode Material: Nickel

Cross Reference

K16PR-U11   41608   41611  41627   41800  FR1LS  FR3CLS   3924   176-5222   0001325705  14F8DU

Spark plug Features:

The result of independent research and testing suggests that using fotball game-K16PR-U11 car spark plugs in your vehicle can increase horsepower when compared to more conventional spark plugs. Our patented Edge-to-Edge ground electrode outperformed other plug designs, including premium spark plugs offered by the major manufacturers. Plus the good news is E3 automotive spark plugs will continue to offer that "like-new" performance over the long haul and help to extend the life of your car's engine. This means less money out of your pocket.

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