4285 betway nfl-BKR7EQUP Iridium-nickel Spark Plug

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4285 betway nfl-BKR7EQUP iridium-nickel Spark Plug Specifacation Cross Reference 3922 XS3922 0031708 12120031708 7556979 0242245559 FGR5KQE0 RC6WYPB4 RC7BMC IK22 K22PBR-S PK22PR-L11S 98079-5714H 12120031708 VSP245

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4285 betway nfl-BKR7EQUP Iridium-Nickel Spark Plug

How spark plugs work

Internal combustion engines can be divided into spark-ignition engines, which require spark plugs to begin combustion, and compression-ignition engines (diesel engines), which compress the air and then inject diesel fuel into the heated compressed air mixture where it autoignites. 

Compression-ignition engines may use glow plugs to improve cold start characteristics.

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