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The Construction Product Regulation (CPR) came into force on in July 2013, under which manufacturers of wood and wood-based products designed for the construction market which are covered by a harmonised European standard (hEN) or European Technical Approval (ETA) will be required to declare their performance characteristics via CE marking. To reflect the new CPR, section 7 of the UK Building Regulations has also been amended and adopts CE marking as the primary route to show fitness for purpose in the UK.,basketball-camp-practice-plan

It is not envisaged that this change will cause major disruption to the supply of wood products as manufacturers have been working towards these changes for a number of years. However alongside the manufacturer’s responsibilities, importers and distributors will also have a responsibility to ensure the required information is passed along the supply chain.,highlight-today-match-india-vs-australia

The CPR recognises it is not always possible or convenient to include all the information required in a physical CE mark so manufacturers are also required to produce a separate Declaration of Performance (DoP) document for their product to accompany the CE mark.,pakistan-score

utr-pro-tennis-europe,This DoP is the principle piece of information which is required to be made available throughout the supply chain.

maritimo-fc,Declarations of Performance are available on request.